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neodaoist's Journal

12 July 1964
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I am a spiritual humanist. I am a rationalist. I am pacifist but not a passivist. I prefer to live my life in tolerance of others with the caveat that they must live in tolerance of others as well. My life philosophy is based a great deal on Star Trek, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination, Non-Violent Self-Defense and harmony.
I wish all people would learn to think before they do. I wish all people would learn to be concerned with the conditions of other people. I wish all people would stop fighting amongst themselves and work together. I know I am a dreamer but what can you do?

I believe in the ability of technology to help the status of humanity. I think we have a wonderful destiny to follow to the stars
My family is important to me. I love my children both natural and bonus. I am engaged to a wonderful woman whom I can't wait to marry.

My rolemodels: Spock, The Dalai Lama, David Hume

I am a believer in Open Source everything. Knowledge should always be free and available to everyone who wants to know or learn. At the same time I believe that a deeper ethical system needs to be developed amongst people that would aid in avoiding the use of knowledge for warfare and violence.

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